Our builds are made with love and passion and are 100% custom. We want you to have a one-of-a-kind van masterpiece and will work closely with you to make sure your lifestyle, aesthetic, and comfort needs are perfectly met. 

Before we get started designing your dream van, please review our process, basic expectations, and please don't forget to check out some of our past projects for inspiration.


Step 1: Let's get to know each other

Explore our website, view our past projects for inspiration, check us out on Instagram (@lavanoutfitters), call us with questions, send emails - get to know us and let us get to know you!

During Step 1 we will begin a dialogue to make sure we are the right outfitter for you and begin a dialogue to discuss what features will best compliment your lifestyle and primary uses for the van. We will chat about layout ideas and what is possible given your budget range and our capabilities. Once we get a feel for what it is that you desire we can provide a rough ballpark estimate for the build time and cost to make sure we are both on the same page. In the meantime, feel free to scroll down to get a better idea of what to expect time and cost wise. 

STEP 2: Submit a build-out form

At this point we are all excited and ready to take start making things happen!  

During Step 2 you will submit a "Let's Build" form that lets you select the appliances and features you want and specify various design aesthetics and layout options based on our previous discussions. When you submit the form we will provide an official itemized budget, finalize the design and layout, and give you an estimated build-out time.

STEP 3: The Build-out

Now is the fun part! Bring us your van, drop a deposit, sign a couple forms, and let's get things in motion!

During the build-out we will take plenty of pictures along the way and periodically send them to you to keep you updated with what we are up to. 

STEP 5: Drive off into your new life

You've spent hours daydreaming about hitting the road in a tiny-house adventure van and now the time has finally come! 

When you come to pick up the van we will do a thorough walk through and explain absolutely everything about your new dream van. We'll celebrate over a beer, light some sparklers, and watch you drive off into a new life chapter.


Because each van is uniquely crafted and tailored to our client's specific needs, there is great variance on how long a build will take and how much it will cost due to the fact that each van is built with different features and materials.  But here are some general expectations: 


Depending on the scope of work it can take between 1-4 months for us to finish your van. Most builds can be done in 1-2 months while more complicated builds may take longer. Once we start a dialogue and figure out exactly what your needs are we can provide a more accurate estimated build-time.


To build the van right using quality materials and equipment you should expect to pay within the $25k-75k range. The lower end of that price range includes the basics such as insulation, a minimal solar power system, roof vents, interior lighting, sleeping area, basic kitchen with simple stove and water system, flooring, walls, and a finished ceiling. Depending on specific materials, the length of the van, and additional/better features the price will start to increase. 

We will work with you to figure out the exact features and materials we'll need to create your dream van and provide a more precise estimate once we get those features locked down.